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The unexamined life is definitely worth writing about.


Samantha Wood McGarry is in the process of doctoral research for a PhD, examining online harms, escalation narratives, and the effectiveness of current strategies in tackling these sources of extremism and violent extremism. This includes an examination of some of the online activity in the lead up to extremists' insurrection against the Capitol.


Her wider research interests include tackling disinformation, community resilience, understanding offending and anti-social behaviour, reciprocal radicalisation, and responses to risk. She worked for twelve years as a Probation Officer and Court Report writer.


Her work has appeared in CREST Security Review and Radicalisation Research.




Samantha is also freelance journalist, researcher and reporter.

Much of her writing explores the paradoxes in life. She uses the Solutions Journalism approach in her investigative pieces, looking at how small scale successes might shape some of our most intractable problems.

Her focuses include politics, conflict and reform. She has particular expertise is in the tackling of hate, division and disinformation.


She also writes on science, film, fiction and fun.


Author and Novelist


Samantha writes on the various quirks in life, those that enthrall, and those that unsettle.


Her first novel, A Sin in Progress, is planned for release in Spring 2023.


She writes a range of fiction and poetry. Her first performed work was Pests, at Spotlight, Lancaster, UK's literary hub, followed by Our Eggs and an excerpt from A Sin in Progress.

Other writing


Samantha is also experienced in strategic communications.


She has worked on high profile strategic communications and Behaviour Change campaigns, including on health, science, community resilience, education and sport.